Goga Food: Sunday Lunch
Art Moments - Entrée 2017
Alle Art Gallery
A Matter of Perspective - MOME Photography BA3
Art Moments 2012
Ajándék Terminál Design Fair
Soundweaving- Middle East Edition
Cégér Creative Artist Tender
Design Days Dubai 2015
Budapest Design Week
Art Moments 2015
Art Moments 2015

Design. Fine art. Art management.
Hybridart has been working in the field of contemporary visual art since 2005 with the objective of venturing beyond classical forms of the art scene…

Vote for your favourite artworks in the Pure or Plastic! – Universal Sea project
TOP 100 ARTWORKS We are very thrilled to finally disclose our Top 100 artworks selection. With more than 250 impressiv…
Hybridart Space has joined Photo Festival Budapest 2018
BALOGH Viktória: Boards2018.03.09. – 03.29. In her works Viktória Balogh examines the inclusion of v…
Asztalos Zsolt: To Die for a Principle
Zsolt Asztalos: To die for a principleOpening ceremony: December 7th 2017, 6PM (Thursday) Open until January 10th 2…
The open call for The Universal Sea - Pure or Plastic? is now live
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