The Universal Sea Book Launch
The Universal Sea Book Launch

We are proud to annouce the Book Launch event for "The Universal Sea – The art and innovation guide against the plastic epidemic!"

The book is not only a manual for a smart plastic living but an opportunity to harness the power of art and bring every citizen of our world into action against the plastic epidemic. The book (464 pages, english) showcases a range of visual art forms presenting more than 500 artists, as well as successful progressive initiatives by more than 500 start-ups from 70 countries. However, the book will also explore transferrable approaches and methods, which can be taken back into everyday life.


Detailed program including speakers etc.:

The Universal Sea is a co-funded project under the umbrella of the Creative Europe programme. It is coordinated by the Foundation for Entrepreneurship (Berlin, Germany), in partnership with the Center of Polish Sculpture (Oronsko, Poland) and Hybridart Management (Budapest, Hungary), in cooperation with EUCC-D (Rostock, Germany).
The project was initiated by the Institute for Art and Innovation e.V. (Berlin, Germany).