Asztalos Zsolt: To Die for a Principle
Asztalos Zsolt: To Die for a Principle

Zsolt Asztalos: To die for a principle

Opening ceremony: December 7th 2017, 6PM (Thursday) 
Open until January 10th 2018

According to our knowledge, humans are the only creatures in wildlife who live by consciously chosen principles and ideas. Every creature instinctively aims to survive. Our biological organisms are defensive down to a cellular level. They are constantly fighting to stay alive.
However humans are not only physical but intellectual beings too. We have conscious ideas about the world. These conscious ideas change through time, cultures, countries, religions or even from person to person. Humans are capable of overriding their physical instincts by their principles, sometimes even capable of going against their physical existence with the help of principles.
What are those principles and why would humans even be ready to give up their physical existence for an idea?

The exhibited installation is a monument which examines our relations to the people who died as martyrs.

Zsolt Asztalos (1974) is a Mihaly Munkacsy prize winning artist. He finished Dora Mauer’s class at the The Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 1999. Fundamentally he is a conceptual artist. His previous works dealt with the status of humans in consumer society. In the past couple of years he has been dissecting different aspects of individual and collective remembrance/recollection. He mostly creates installations, videos and photographical works. He has had almost a hundred national and international exhibitions. In 2013 he represented Hungary at the 55th Venice Biennale with his video installation titled Fired but Unexploded.

Curator: Roza Tekla Szilagyi

Location: 1052, Budapest, Galamb u. 6