At the turn of the century, Budapest used to be the capital of cafés, just like Vienna, Paris or Prague today.

Coffee houses during this era functioned as meeting points for intellectuals, they were often called as ’mekteb muharribin’ (the school of debates), or ’mekteb-i-ifrannak’ (the school of wisdom). Budapest used to have lots of places, where people could dring coffee, or in other words, ’the wine of wise people’, or the ’drink of the mind’.

There are 20 popular cafés involved in the project, which runs during the time of CAFE Budapest. The aim is to evoke the feeling of Budapest at the turn of the century, when drinking a coffee at a café meant a lot, it was kind of a lifestlye, and when cafés were the centers of politics, business and arts.

We would like to join old traditions with the new wave coffee drinking habits, and open the door for cafés to operate as inspiring artistic milieus, yet still be able to function practically.

During the project, the selected cafés get 1000 cup-shaped paper coffee-mat-pads, and the customers get a chance to draw, write short stories, or quotes on them. After collecting all the creations from all the cafés, a huge intallation is going to be made, which can be considered as a unique impression of what drinking a coffee means today.