In the end of October, 2015, Hybridart Management presented the ’Soundweaving – Middle East Edition’ project at Dubai Design Week, and after that at Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Hungarian National Trading House’s event, called Hungarian Weeks, in Dubai.

The original Soundweaving project (that used Hungarian motifs) debuted in 2014 at the Vienna Design Week, and later, at Heimtextil Fair, and at Balassi Institue, Stuttgart.

The interdisciplinary experimental and interactive project of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) was designed by Zsanett Szirmai, textile designer and Dániel Vikukel, composer.

At the core of the Soundweaving project is the traditional cross-stitching pattern used in Hungarian folk emboidery transformed into sound by a punch card comb music player. The cross-stitch pattern of holes on the tape in the musical box were punched by the creator, Zsanett Szirmai.

The punched tape acts as the score. Emboidered shirts and pillows from the Transylvanian Bukovina, from Kalotaszeg and Hungary served as a basis for the patterns. As part of the transformation, embroidery patterns turned into laser cut textile pieces, and cross-stitched patterns into melodies.


With the help of Balassi Institute, the project was presented at several European countries, and and the extended version – using Middle-East motifs – was exhibited in Dubai, which was a special cooperation between Hybridart and MOME.

The basic aim of the project is to emphasise the similarities between the traditional art of far away cultures by creating a common language through design and music, while also playing with the possibilities provided by traditional and modern techniques. The exhibition raises several questions, such as ’’how can tradition survive in our digital world”; ’’what can we call as ours in this globalised world’’. These questions can be considered very common in the Middle-East area, moreover, are raised by a special medium that is very dominant in their culture, music.

The motifs, used in the Soundweaving – Middle East Edition project were provided by our partner, Fatima Bint Mohammed Bin Zayed Initiative (FBMI), a traditional carpet weaving organisation, located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi.

After Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the exhibition can be visited in Budapest, for the first time ever, at MÜPA,  between 13th and 23th of October, as a part of Art Moments 2016.