Hybridart Camp 2019
Hybridart Camp 2019

International Art Camp 


University of Pécs, Hungary
Zsolnay Cultural Quarter
1-10 August 2019

We are organizing a ten day long workshop in Hungary for art, architecture and design students from Hungary, the Visegrad region and the United Arab Emirates. We invited five students from Hungary, three students from the Visegrad region and one student from the Zayed University in Abu Dhabi.


About the first Hybridart International Art Camp: 
In August 2016, Hybridart Management organized the first international Hybrid Art Camp in Pannonhalma in collaboration with Etihad Modern Art Gallery (Abu Dhabi), the Millenary Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma and Vis Vitalis mineral water. The international artists team built a 4 meter high dinosaur statue, out of 4000 plastic bottles.
The gigantic outdoor installation was created by students of Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Polish and Emirati art universities. The construction was coordinated by hungarian university professors and sculptors: Gergő Kovách and György Szász.
The dinosaur statue was exhibited first in Pannonhalma, then in Budapest for two weeks at Vigadó Square (Danube Promenade), which was followed by the exhibition at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair in November 2016.

Here you can find the pictures about the art camp in 20162017 and 2018.

About the Hybridart Camp 2019:
The aim of the project and this year's camp is to emphasize the importance of the environmental protection and the ecologically conscious lifestyle. In the camp all the art works will be made out of recycled materials and cleaned trash. 

The installation will be exhibited first in Pécs at Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, then in Budapest in September.


How to apply?

To enter the Open Call potential entrants should upload the following required submission materials – all specified with the participant’s name:

- A personal biography

- A cover letter why you apply for the programme

- A portfolio of your works


Please send your documents (PDF, jpeg) to the following e-mail address: info@hybridart.hu

Subject: Hybridart Camp 2019



February 28th, 2019 at 23:59 CET.


If you need further information you are welcome to chat with us at this email: info@hybridart.hu