06/07/2021 - 31/07/2021

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W.A.S.E. - We Are So Enthusiastic!

2021.  július 6-án nyílik a Kinopravda és a Kinomoto közös kiállítása a Hybridart Space Galériában.

Kiállít: Zoltán Aprily, Áron Filkey, Garai Gabor, Andi Gv, Heni Kiss, Dañila Kostil, Luka Kostil


We invite you to a month-long celebration of all the things that inspire us to do what we do, as Kinopravda & Kinomoto join forces to launch our most passionate of passion projects: W.A.S.E. (We Are So Enthusiastic)!

W.A.S.E. is a zine and online platform dedicated to sharing ideas and art, as well as boosting your creative process.

We look forward to welcoming you at HybridArt Gallery for a group exhibition featuring works from members of the Kinopravda collective, as well as a month of events hosted by our extended Kino fam.

Our first exhibition features work from:
Zoltán Aprily
Áron Filkey
Garai Gabor
Andi Gv
Heni Kiss
Dañila Kostil
Luka Kostil

But W.A.S.E. is more than just a collection of pretty pictures - we're creating a community of artists and lovers of art who share the same desire to share, collaborate, and inspire. You can become a member simply by contributing an idea or concept, which gains you access to our exclusive creative database. As a member you can also enjoy discounts on artwork from our collection, invitations to special events, and more stuff we’ll reveal in the future! 

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